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Top 10 tips on doing a final clean before moving home

Top 10 tips on doing a final clean before moving home 

If you’re moving home, there are many reasons why you should leave your old place in sparkling condition. Here are 10 top tips for a thorough final house cleaning.

1. Start your home cleaning after your furniture has been dismantled and the moving boxes have been packed. It’s easier to clean uncluttered spaces – plus you’ll be less likely to trip over things. It is also very time consuming and strenuous having to lift up heavy couches and bed frames so that you can clean under them.

2. We always recommend hiring a professional cleaning company to do your final clean. The reason for this is it needs to be really thorough as this is not just a regular weekly clean. Experienced cleaners know where dirt and grime builds up and which areas to focus on. They also have the right products and equipment for every room. If you were renting the property, having professional cleaners do the final clean will mean there is a far greater chance of receiving your rental bond back from the real estate agent. 

3. Having made the previous point about hiring a cleaning company, should you want to go it alone, ensure you have the following essential cleaning supplies before starting:

• Duster

• Broom, dustpan and brush

• Vacuum cleaner

• Glass cleaner

• White vinegar

• Bicarb soda

• Disinfectant

• Oven cleaner

• Cleaning cloths and rags

• Mop • Bucket

• Sponges and scouring pads

• Rubber gloves

4. Dust every room. Pay attention to:

• Corners

• Built in shelves and wall units

• Skirting boards

• Window frames and sills

• Door frames

• Blinds

• Light fittings

• Vents

5. Tackle one room at a time. Vacuum each room. Mop any non-carpeted floors. The kitchen and bathroom will probably require the most work.

6. In the kitchen: 

• Clean inside cupboards. Get rid of stains, grease spots and crumbs.

• Clean inside the oven. Use heavy duty products to get rid of built-up grease and grime. The inside of the oven is usually checked during inspections, so get it looking good.

• If possible, move white goods and clean areas that are usually hidden. This will save you time on the day of moving house.

• Give dishwasher filters and extraction fans a good wash.

7. In the bathroom:

• Scrub every area.

• Use a specialised cleaner for mouldy sealant in baths and showers and leave it on overnight.

• Remove debris from drains.

• Immerse the shower head in white vinegar to eliminate limescale.

• Deep clean the toilet.

8. Clean the windows inside and out with newspaper and glass cleaner. Remove any hooks, nails, etc. from walls and doors. Patch up any holes and paint them.

9. Prepare a fun playlist or podcast to keep you company while you clean. This will lighten your mood - you might even forget that you're cleaning! 

10. Finally, if your removalists have not moved all your furniture yet, ensure you let them know that the final clean has taken place. If possible they can clean their boots to keep the floors clean and ensure they don’t scrape or mark any walls or door frames when moving all the furniture out. 

This article was written in conjunction with Hire A Mover, removalists in Sydney


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